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was originally developed in 2003 by Michael J. Mahan in order to showcase and celebrate the strength, importance, impact and timelessness of conceptual design. The identity was designed as a rating system, whereas its portfolio pieces were placed on a single axis, and situated somewhere between "perishable" and "preservative." Pieces were generally rated toward the "preservative" end of the scale, as they used concept as a primary vehicle for communicating their message, while some others shifted, usually by project parameters, toward the "perishable," or formal, end of the spectrum. This end is particularly vulnerable to time, and tends to appear dated, or trend-driven. The most successful pieces found an equilibrium between the two, where the piece's form and concept occurred simultaneously and with equal impact.

Since its inception, the SHELFLIFE identity has featured a red numeral that updates with each year, becoming its new identity. This signifies the ongoing evaluation/reevaluation of my portfolio pieces; the outcome of which determines the relative success of their timelessness. This identity concept was originally represented via stationery set and website containing Flash animation that illustrated the rating scale and process.

Now, SHELFLIFE Creative specializes in print design, ranging from brand identity systems to packaging to large format applications, such as signage and environmental design. We also offer image retouching and manipulation, such as color correction and product stripping. We are known for our passion for design,  for solving problems conceptually and for our attention to detail.

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Michael J. Mahan is a 2002 Master's graduate of Kent State University's nationally respected Visual Communication Design program. While operating SHELFLIFE, he has taught design at the university in both major and non-major classes, as well as in-depth software training workshops offered to students and faculty.